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The ConferenceXP project is no longer using Codeplex as a primary source repository.
  • The latest source is now on GitHub.
  • The CodePlex forum is still monitored. An alternate forum exists here. We also encourage you to use the GitHub issues feature.
  • More information is available from the ConferenceXP Home Page.

ConferenceXP is an open source research platform that provides simple, flexible, and extensible conferencing and collaboration using high-bandwidth networks and the advanced multimedia capabilities of Microsoft Windows. ConferenceXP helps researchers and educators develop innovative applications and solutions that feature broadcast-quality audio and video in support of real-time distributed collaboration and distance learning environments.

ConferenceXP was originally developed by Microsoft Research beginning in 2001. In 2007 Microsoft Research External Research and Programs funded the Center for Collaborative Technologies at the University of Washington to continue work on the ConferenceXP platform and to apply the technologies to a wide range of educational and collaborative scenarios. In 2010, rights were transferred to the OuterCurve Foundation and the Apache Licence version 2.0 was applied.

Please visit the University of Washington Center for Collaborative Technologies site for information about current and future ConferenceXP development.

Binary Downloads are here.

Build Instructions are here.

For questions about ConferenceXP development, please use the forums at: Also note that the old ConferenceXP forums are available here.

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