by Project Collectio...
Oct 1, 2012
10:38 PM

Upgrade: New Version of LabDefaultTemplate.xaml. To upgrade your build definitions, please visit the following link:

by Project Collectio...
(1 download)
Oct 1, 2012
10:31 PM

Checked in by server upgrade

by fvideon
May 19, 2011
6:12 PM

This is ConferenceXP 5.3. This release is mainly focused on bringing the source up to date with the latest platform and tools. It requires .Net 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010. See for further information.

by fvideon
Dec 22, 2010
5:38 PM

This is ConferenceXP 5.2. For more information, please visit

by fvideon
Jan 6, 2010
5:15 PM

This is ConferenceXP 5.1.2. For revision history, see

by fvideon
May 18, 2009
11:06 PM

This is the ConferenceXP 5.1 release. For more information please see

by fvideon
Aug 27, 2008
8:15 PM

ConferenceXP 5.0 Release. New features include:
* Diagnostics: The diagnostic service provides client visibility into network-level statistics to aid in finding problem points
* Security: Two security modes have been added. The Weak mode uses a password to prevent accidental venue use. The Strong mode uses the password to create a symmetric encryption key, and all stream data is encrypted with the key.
* NAT-friendly Reflector: The 5.0 Reflector supports multiple clients behind a single NAT device.
* Multi-Reflector: Multiple reflectors can be configured to work together to improve scaling for large numbers of unicast clients.
* Audio Improvements: DirectShow buffering modifications enable high quality PCM uncompressed audio, and synchronization tuning. A higher quality compressed format has also been added.

by fvideon
Aug 4, 2008
10:48 PM

ConferenceXP 5.0 Release Candidate

by fvideon
Mar 27, 2008
5:46 PM

Added UI support for changing audio buffer size and count for uncompressed audio, and for FEC enable/disable.

by fvideon
Feb 19, 2008
9:09 PM

Support for maximum client version per service. This will allow us to keep the 5.0 clients out of the 4.1 venues.

by fvideon
Dec 17, 2007
11:49 PM

This is the ConferenceXP 4.1 release.

Changes include:
* A number of small changes to strings and UI layout, in particular for the Chinese version.
* Updated the Classroom Presenter 3 capability to the latest.
* Fix for Archive Service setup issue on 64-bit systems using SQL Server Express
* Changed the Help Menu links to point to CCT pages.
* Removed unchecked languages from setup projects. (Supported languages are English and Chinese)

by fvideon
Nov 15, 2007
9:45 PM

This version matches the initial ConferenceXP 4.1 Release Candidate.
*Added, deleted and repaired a few files that were mistakenly left out of the previous MSR commit and
were causing MSIs for some configurations to fail.
*Added language resources {Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese} to projects, and resulting satellite assemblies to MSIs.
*Added language override functionality to all applications and services using app.config
*Chinese strings were checked and fixed by native speakers, and GUI repairs made to accomodate Chinese.
*Changed VC runtime MSMs in client setup projects to account for new dependencies.
*Changed default Venue Service for new installs to PNW Gigapop.
*Added Classroom Presenter 3 Capability to the top level of the Actions menu
*Updated Office Interop to version 12

by fvideon
Sep 20, 2007
7:15 PM

Fixing a couple of small problems affecting the build.

by fvideon
Sep 17, 2007
9:33 PM

Fixing a couple of bugs affecting window location persistence.

by RandyNading
Sep 14, 2007
11:19 PM

Added functionality to install and run CXP services and CXP Client on both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. Each setup solution will now build a 32-bit msi and a 64-bit msi. The 32-bit setup project Configuration Manager is set to build on the AnyCPU platform, with the project's TargetPlatform property set to x86. The 64-bit setup project Configuration Manager is set to build on the AnyCPU platform, with the project's TargetPlatform property set to x64.

Note: read RelNotes.txt before building CXP Client to run native on Vista's 64-bit platform...CXP Client will not run on XP's 64-bit platform.

(1) Added a 64-bit setup project to each service.

(2) Changed the msi output path from the default Release subdirectory to Release/x86 and Release/x64 sudirectories.

(3) Added a JScript file to perform post-build fixups of Archive, Reflector, and Venue Service 64-bit msi's to enable them to use the 64-bit version of InstallUtil instead of the default 32-bit version. Using the 64-bit version enables registry keys written via custom actions to be properly written to the 64-bit hive during installation.

(4) Added InstallUtilLib64.dll, which the JScript file depends on, to the Setup subdirectory.

(5) Remove all DirectX and DirectShow headers and libs, including BaseClasses, which we will re-add with the latest and greatest.

(6) Enable 64-bit builds of ConferenceXP Client (native and WOW): (a) added x64 and x86 configurations where needed; (b) updated build script and vcproj files to use Windows SDK headers and libs; (c) updated DirectShow baseclasses to the latest Windows SDK release; (e) fixed runtime crash in DMOEnum; (f) Added specific CXPClient setup solutions for the three install types - AnyCPU (32 bit OSes), x86 (64-bit WOW) and x64 (native 64-bit)

by fvideon
Aug 20, 2007
11:59 PM

This adds window location persistence to the CXP Client. This was done as a trial-run project in order to test source control and build practices for the Center for Collaborative Technologies.

by RandyNading
Aug 3, 2007
9:17 PM

Prepared strings being sent from servers to clients for localization. This allows an Archive Server to be localized in Japanese and send an error message to a client in China that will appear in Chinese rather than Japanese.

by RandyNading
Jul 25, 2007
5:45 PM

Updated ConferenceXP to build on Vista:

(1) WindowsXP comes with Windows Messenger pre-installed, which supports the Messenger APIs through IMessenger3. Windows Vista does not come with Windows Messenger, but instead provides a shortcut link for downloading Windows Live Messenger, which supports the Messenger APIs through IMessenger4. Due to build warnings generated by the Messenger APIs in Vista, we decided to create a binary reference to the Interop.MessengerAPI.dll generated on a WindowsXP machine, since it is the least common denominator.

(2) Several projects using Microsoft.Ink would not build on Vista because some of the references were being pulled from the GAC using a different version if Microsoft.Ink. We deleted all references to Microsoft.Ink and added them again pointing to the same version located on the file path not the GAC.

(3) ConferenceXP Setup files build error-free and warning-free on WindowsXP, but each has a build warning on Vista relating to a detected dependency on FirewallAPI.dll. If the FirewallAPI.dll references are excluded in Vista, then susequent builds break on XP since FirewallAPI.dll is new to Vista and the setup files cannot detect the dependency that was excluded. As long as ConferenceXP is being developed for both the XP and Vista platforms, the build warnings on Vista will have to be ignored. The only drawback to doing so is that the MSI's from Vista will be a bit larger and that they will be shipping a system file that is never used on XP. However, once XP is phased out, the FirewallAPI.dll references in Vista should be excluded.

by RandyNading
Jul 20, 2007
6:23 PM

Renamed BarUI project, solutions, and directories to CXPClient. Changed the Setup\CXP\Client directory to Setup\CXPClient. Renamed the Archive and Reflector.vdproj files to Archive_Setup and
Reflector_Setup.vdproj for consistency with the other vdproj files. Changed the names of all the msi files to follow the pattern
"ConferenceXP program name.msi".

by RandyNading
Jul 18, 2007
6:03 PM

Moved the Venue Service version error message out of the web.config file so that it could be localized.

by RandyNading
Jul 18, 2007
4:36 PM

Fixed bug in BarUI frmServices2.cs, which was displaying archiver labels whether Configure Venue Services, Configure Archive Services, or Configure Reflector Services buttons were clicked.

by RandyNading
Jul 18, 2007
4:27 PM

Fixed Reflector Service Manager runtime error caused when starting the Reflector Service Manager when the service itself is in the stopped state. Added code to the ReflectorAdmin AdminUI SetState method to clear the tableListBox of reflector participant information when the Stop Service button is clicked.

by RandyNading
Jul 13, 2007
5:11 PM

Cleaned up code by removing code sections that had been commented out.

by RandyNading
Jul 12, 2007
5:34 PM

Removed icons that were no longer in use from subforms.

by RandyNading
(1 download)
Jul 11, 2007
8:42 PM

Deleted one more icon.